​”Why fit in, when you were born to stand out”

               – Anna Wintour –

This past weekend on 17 September 2016, I attended the 2nd annual “Fashion for Brunch” hosted by the ladies of Mafashio. Having arrived a little bit late, I was excited but a little nervous to speak on the ice breaker questions right off the cuff. Was I stylish or fashionable enough for this group of cool edgy fashionistas? But quickly I realised they are real. 

Cool yes. 

Stylish yes.

Even edgy…oh hell yes!

But real enough to recognise the beauty in our uniqueness and eccentricity. Bloggers celebrate difference and this group was slightly different from last year, but just as ambitious, just as knowledgeable and just as creative.

I am gonna share some more sights from the Brunch, but wont go into detail because the nitty gritty of the event has bèen covered vastly by others. Check out other posts on the Vodafone-JUMP platform. As well as Chilo’s and NizaMaria’s posts on the same. 

INSIDE the goodie bag

From left to Right | Namu of Missroxyboyd | thatsZedgirl Anne | Me | Taonga of Teeblogz| Liswaniso of Zambia Fashion Week |

The delectable sweets table cutesy of Woolworths

Mutale of Vodafone JUMP

Liswaniso of Zambia Fashion Week, rocking that Urban Chic Crown.

The beautiful hosts Khayi and Kii of Mafashio

Am gonna end by saying, It will be a great year for bloggers and you are likely to see more collaborations soon.

Photography is a mix of Images from Kwitu’s Kabelenga, Rain photography’s Zhivu and my Samsung A5 phone.

Love J