​”You are in perfect,

                            Permanently and inevitably flawed,

                                       And You are beautiful”

                                             – Amy Bloom – 

Still on the fashion for brunch from two weekends ago. I wanted to share my outfit of the day that day because it spark some dialogue, at home from my mother and maid and from some of the bloggers as well. 
When I got the invite, I initially wanted to wear something else, but that didn’t work out… I looked at the invite over and over and on dress code it said: YOU! Which I loved. See my look is a tad more sexy than most Zambians would like. I’m told time and again that as a mum, a wife, a Christian, I mustn’t look like I could even remotely be a sexual being to anyone. Lol. Well that the more severe comments. But you get the general picture.
On the other hand, I’ve always loved my body and its proportions. So I try to play that up, by wearing form fitting outfits. Not to be cocky because, like most ladies, I have struggled with my body image here and three. 2016 has particularly been a trying year when it comes to my body confidence, because I have become bigger than I’ve ever been. Right now I wont even wear shorts because I am so insecure about my legs. 

However, I have also come recognise the immense beauty that is innate in every woman. Our bodies are beautiful regardless of size, and this year I have had to re-learn that. I have learnt that body confidence doesnt come from having the perfect body. It comes from loving yourself and embracing the body you have now. I have learnt that to the most part, the things i’m unhappy with… the slight tummy, the cellulite, the extra kilos… those are things that I can change with a little self love and discipline. So I’ve started working out, eating clean and focusing on loving and caring for my body, and this has started to pay off. Not just that I can squeeze back into my favorite jeans, but also because my mindset has changed. I see more beauty than cellulite when I look in the mirror.

But I digress. I felt so good in this outfit. Must be the white! My mum who is so anti crop-top on married women complimented me, and so did a few girls at the brunch. One blogger in particular told me I didn’t look or dress like a mum. I took that as a compliment (because am just positive like that).
So here’s a look at my outfit for the day. And am gonna leave you with two questions?

1. What’s a mum and wife supposed to look and dress like?

2. What style stereotypes do you struggle with as a woman of a certain age, status, size etc? 

Let me know in the comments below

Outfit Details

|Croptop and Skirt – Racine Boutique | Canvas – JET | Specs – Phil Opticians |

Images by Zhivu of Rain Photography 
Love J