“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless”

          – Bill Waters on –

Hey Dolls,

It has been quiet a while since we posted. 2017 has been a year that has taken us in a very unusual but totally awesome direction. The first and biggest change has been that Urban Chic Mag is now a full blown styling house, with a gorgeous partner, Mz. Ngosa Mwape below. She is the Director of Beauty and Events at Urban Chic.

With all the crazy changes and work load that has been going on, we were delighted to be invited to Gen3230 Resort in Lusaka West by a friend of ours. It’s a new get away option for those looking for an away but local place to just chill and unwind.

It was a thirty mins drive in traffic TO get from the city centre to Gen3230. You can literally feel the air change from heavy Dusty and polluted to clean fresh and relaxing as you get closer to the resort. And the promise of a restorative day was not fake y’all. We toured the place, then sat by the pool/bar side and drank some wine and fresh juice. Then as a by the way we decided to take some shots and share. Because a place like this should be for everybody.

The pool, Barside and restaurant are gorgeous and the service is great. The resort grounds are even more gorgeous and relaxing, and the rooms are neat, clean and inviting. We wished we could stay overnight but had to leave that for next time. Affordable too I might add.

It’s reccomended for everybody.  If you trying to go and take a day off to relax, an evening chill with your friends or significant other away from the craziness of the city, or looking for an overnight getaway. For out of towners, its a great place To stay. Far enough from town to relax but near enough to drive in to get your business done. 

The Urban Chic Team enjoyed their stay here and can’t wait to be back with their families for a good Sunday rest.

Love J &N